Overcoming Bullying 2022 Survey & Report Campaign - CAIR-TX Austin & DFW

Overcoming Bullying 2022 Survey & Report Campaign - CAIR-TX Austin & DFW

In 2020, CAIR-DFW produced its first-ever bullying report titled, "Singled Out: Islamophobia in the Classroom and the Impact of Discrimination on Muslims." This report surveyed 321 Muslim Students ages 11 and 18 in the Dallas Fort-Worth region.

In 2022, the united CAIR offices of Austin and Dallas Fort-Worth will conduct another survey of American Muslim students to measure the impact of bullying in public schools. Our goal is to work and produce these surveys every 2-years to provide students, parents, teachers, and school systems with the data they need to address bullying.

We need the Muslim Community's Help to Conduct This Bullying Survey Successfully:

  1. Take the Survey: If you are a Muslim student's ages 11 - 18 and attend a public school in the Austin or DFW area, please take the online survey:
  1. Weekend Schools:If you are a Saturday or Sunday Islamic School, please invite our team to visit your school and hold an educational workshop on bullying where we will ask students to fill out the printed survey:

Bullying Survey & Educational Workshop for Weekend Schools

Bullying Survey & Workshop Within Islamic Schools

Workshop for Parents on how to Speak to Children About Bullying

Learn More About Our Bullying Surveys and Workshops

The 1st Ever Bullying Survey of Public Schools: We are proud to launch the 1st ever bullying survey for Muslim students attending public schools in the Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) metroplex. Our goal is to survey Muslim students who attend public schools to understand the impacts of bullying. We hope to analyze and share this data with public schools in the DFW metroplex in order to give schools better information so they can address the impacts of bullying against Muslim students. 

  • Weekend Schools: May invite the CAIR-Texas DFW team to hold an educational workshop on bullying and to administer the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous. The bullying workshop is around 20 minutes long and the survey takes about 10 minutes to administer. Students must be 11 years old and older to participate. Results will be shared with schools. 
  • Request CAIR-Texas DFW to Visit Your Weekend School: Click Here...

The 1st Ever Bullying Survey within Islamic Schools: Bullying is a problem not only in public schools but also within Islamic Schools. The types of bullying that occurs within Islamic Schools are unique in some ways to public schools. Most of the students in Islamic Schools are obviously Muslim so the bullying is based on other factors outside of religion. This type of survey has never been done and we are proud to give school administrators, staff, teachers, and community members data that they can utilize to address the impacts of bullying within their schools. 

  • Islamic Schools: May signup online to invite us to hold an educational workshop on bullying specifically within Islamic institutions. The workshop is flexible and can be done within a typical class period of 45 minutes. The workshop includes a presentation, hands on activities, and role playing for students to think deeply about bullying. Near the end of the workshop we administer the unique bullying survey. This survey is 100% anonymous. Students must be 11 years old and older to participate. Results will be shared with the schools. 
  • Request CAIR-Texas DFW to Visit Your Islamic School: Click Here...

Workshop on How Parents can Speak to Their Children About Bullying: When children are bullied, often the last to find out are their parents. Also, when children are the bullies the last to find out and take actions are their parents. This problem is exacerbated among first generation immigrant Muslims who struggle with generational, linguistic, and cultural divides with their children. CAIR-Texas DFW is proud to offer an educational workshop that gives parents practical tools, advise, and skills rooted in both our Islamic tradition and modern-day family counseling in order to build a more trusting relationship with their children. Through that relationship parents are better positioned to be aware of what is going on in school with their children.  

  • Adult Workshop Details: The workshop typically lasts one hour which includes a portion for questions and answers. It is offered in English but can be in other languages based upon requests. The workshop takes around 40 minutes of presentation and discussion followed by an open Q&A session.
  • To Request an Adult Bullying Workshop: Click Here…

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