2021 Annual Ramadan Report

CAIR-TX CN is proud to produce our first-ever
"Annual Ramadan Report" for 2021

The pandemic may have shut down businesses and put communities in lockdown, but it has done little to lessen hate, anti-Muslim bigotry, and Islamophobia.

Alhamdulilah (All Thanks to God), our office has been on the front lines of defending the Muslim community in the courtroom to the media rooms. In halls of power to the streets. We've held training and educational workshops to address the roots of Islamophobia. We are most proud of our innovative year-long youth leadership program that has trained and inspired over 100 High School students just in the last year. These future leaders are introduced to CAIR-Essential skills such as public speaking, debate, how to influence government, history, and leadership. Many have joined our fully functional Young Muslim Leadership Council, the youth arm of CAIR-TX CN, to put bring their leadership skills into the real world.

We continue to rebuild and grow the organization. We are most proud of our unification efforts that have united the CAIR offices in Austin and Dallas Fort-Worth into our new entity CAIR-TX Central-North. Through this unification, we will be able to use our resources more efficiently and provide services to a more significant segment of our community.

Please download, like, and share our first ever annual Ramadan report with your family, friends, Masjid leaders, and community members so everyone is better aware of our work and impact on the community.

With our new Executive Director, new staff, and a new board of dedicated and passionate community members, we are working hard to rebuild, expand, and better fulfill our mission, In Shaa Allah (God Willing).