The "Boring" Campaign on Palestine

CAIR-Texas Austin & DFW are proud to announce our new initative called, "The Boring Campaign on Palestine." Many people are passionate about the Palestinian cause, but aren't sure what they can do to help beyond protest and social media posts. That's why we developed this campaign that includes an online course to provide in-depth training on how to talk about the occupation and prepare community members like you to become grassroots advocates for Palestine.  

Why is it called the "Boring" Campaign on Palestine

There is a lot of great activism for Palestine, both on the streets and on social media. Attending marches or protests is awesome, but then what? We need to develop our capacities to advocate for Palestine in the "boring" spaces-- the advocacy groups, legislators, and newsrooms. We need education that leads to action and engagement, and that's where the Boring Campaign on Palestine comes in.

The campaign has two components:
  1. Online Training: The in-depth online training videos will teach you about the facts and history of the occupation, and offer ideas on how to organize and engage with media, elected officials, and the community.
  2. Hub to Plan and Coordinate Activities: In addition to this online training, we hope to provide a hub for connecting with other activists interested in this work. 
What does the Course Include? 
  1. The modern history of Palestine, i.e. how we got to where we are today
  2. Clearing up common myths used to delegitimize the Palestinian cause
  3. What is the occupation like as it exists today?
  4. What is the spiritual connection between Muslims and Palestine, and how is the Palestinian cause a universal human rights issue?